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Liquid Waste Disposal Unit

Hygienic, Practical, Safe!

Liquid Waste ToiletThis toilet is used to process urine and feces from liquid state into a solid state.
Patients treated with nuclides that have a long-lived mother/daughter should be stored separately from the normal waste disposal tanks. Some hospitals do not have a separation possibility, which could create a problem.

For these hospitals the IDB Holland Waste Disposal Unit (WDU) is the perfect solution.

The WDU is currently used in some hospitals that treat patients with several Bèta and Alpha emitting nuclides, which could contain long-lived impurities.

The toilet is fitted with a single-use plastic bag, containing a super absorber and anti-bacterial product, to make sure no liquid is inside anymore. Making use of the anti-bacterial product, the formation of gas has been made impossible.

The toilet is made of high quality stainless steel for easy cleaning.
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