3e24744e1394665f6d1be844a46c7697At the end of 2009 IDB Holland bv, The Netherlands,decided to start the build of a new facility for the production of GMP Lu-177 trichloride.

This company was named IDB Radiopharmacy bv



In the beginning of 2011 IDB Radiopharmacy bv finished their facilities. The following GMP laboratories are currently present:


  • Two GMP production laboratories (Class B) with a fully automated production line (Class A)
  • One Quality Control laboratory (Class C) for determining the product specifications and isotope impurities
  • One Microbiology laboratory (Class B)


All the facilities comply with GMP, EMEA and FDA regulations.


The most common use of Lutetium-177 is to label it to a DOTA complex or monoclonal antibody.


Lu-177 labelled to a DOTA complex is a radioactive labelled peptide which can be used in radiation therapy, both internally and locally. This peptide binds well to certain receptors on cells, the somatostatin-receptor. These receptors are almost exclusively found on a relatively rare kind of tumours, the neuroendocrine tumours.


To give you an overview of our recent developments, please see a couple of picture below.


For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at Sales@idb-holland.com